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PVC Sheets

Super Clear Transparent Soft Pvc Sheet, for retail and wholesale activity too.
Various high Quality products, can be made of super clear transparent, normal, color and/or polar material ...
The most common type of PVC is the standard smooth clear transparent rolls, which are used by variety of applications.

Clear PVC sheets can be utilized in both indoor and outdoor settings, where temperatures -35 C / +35 C (polar) to -15 C / +50 C (normal)
Soft PVC sheets are used for industrial doors, table, PVC swing door, desktop Protection, partition etc.

Industrial PVC Sheets - Dartech Ltd.

Soft PVC Sheets Standard and Polar

Crystal soft Blue or Neutral transparent;

Available sizes:
roll length 20m;
1000×1mm; 1000×2mm; 1000×3mm; 1000×5mm; 1000×7mm;
1200×1mm; 1200×2mm; 1200×3mm; 1200×5mm; 1200×7mm;
1500×1mm; 1500×2mm; 1500×3mm; 1500×5mm; 1500×7mm;

More soft PVC sheets for only on request!
• Colored
• Bright translucent:
• Matt semi transparent:

Colors: blue, red, orange, yellow, gray, white, black...
different RAL colors
Manufacturing size range:
vidth: 500mm ~ 2200mm; tickness: 1mm ~ 12mm;

Reinforced PVC Sheet:

Soft light blue transparent:
Available sizes: roll length 20m;
1000x6,5mm; 1250×6,5mm; 1450×6,5mm; 2150×6,5mm;

Soft PVC protection:
Protective mats can be used as follows:
o Floor protection;
    - Dirt contamination in the entrance area of private, industrial and commercial objects.
    - pressure & scratch protection for sensitive floors such as wood, laminate, stone, tiles etc.
o Sport mats;
    - Ideal in the training room (at home or in the gym) The protective mats can also be used as pressure point scratching, non-slip use. o Noise and sound insulation;
    - the special material characteristics of our protective mats ensure excellent noise and impact sound insulation.
o Grill;
    - Soft PVC mats provide an ideal protection against dripping and splashing grease, during grilling.
o Desktop protection;
    - Excellent use of these products to protect exhibition stands image.
o Exhibition;
    - Excellent use of these products in the design of exhibition stands image.

Available sizes:
roll length 20m;
1000×3mm; 1500×3mm; 2000×3mm;
1000×7mm; 1500×7mm; 2000×7mm;

Colors: silvermetallaluoptik, enzian blue, ultramarine blue, black, red, dark green and transparent.

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Industrial PVC Sheets - Dartech Ltd.
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Plasticized PVC sheets colored opaque
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PVC sheets
PVC sheets
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PVC sheets colored transparent


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